Jerk Suits

Spectra Titanium$1995.00
Color: White spectra webbing on uncoated white spectra fabric

Spectra Lite $1,495.00

Nylon $1,195.00

Standard Sizes: X-Small through XX-Large

Color: Tan or Black

Product Description

With over 100 pick points this one-piece jerk suit is the “Cadillac” for flying effects.

For most flying effects our vest with optional leg cuffs have replaced the traditional one-piece jerk suit. Stunt vest and leg cuff combo allows for greater range of movement and is more adjustable. Click here to view our stunt vests

Spectra Titanium Jerk Suit
White spectra fabric and webbing, low-profile titanium buckles.

Spectra Lite Jerk Suit
Constructed of 2 inner layers of spectra fabric and 1 outside layer of nylon fabric.
Nylon webbing and low-profile titanium buckles.
Color: Tan or Black

Nylon Jerk Suit
Constructed of nylon fabric, nylon webbing and steel parachute buckles.
Color: Tan or Black