Climbing Sutra Stunt Harness Cleaning Instructions


First off a shout-out to all of you who have been suffering / trying to adapt to life under COVID. NEVER has our industry taken a hit like this one! If Climbing Sutra can be a helpful resource to ANY of you please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

During this time Climbing Sutra has returned (safely) to work with a small crew of masked and socially- distanced harness makers. Our goal is to be up and READY when you need us. To this end, we are building orders, making stock, and have relaunched and will be improving the website. Your feedback is most welcome!

Our other priority is research on cleaning and/or sterilizing harnesses for the covid world. Ultimately we will end up breaking hundreds of test samples after soaking them in all sorts cleaning products to be sure that nothing will compromise the safety of our products. This is taking some time. We will publish a full report soon. Until then a lot of what we have learned with certainty is what NOT to do.

The BEST procedure for cleaning stunt harnesses is to HAND WASH (no machine!) with the warmest water your hands are comfortable with, using a mild (neutral PH) detergent soap, then rinse well and hang to dry (not in the sun). Do NOT use machine dryer or hair dryer.  The drying may take some time so plan ahead.

  • DO NOT use any cleaning product containing bleach / sodium hypochlorite / hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are bad for harnesses.
  • DO NOT use alcohol products of any kind. No hand sanitizer. These can act as a dye solvent that will cause the web colors to bleed. Alcohols are FLAMMABLE. Some types of alcohol are BAD for nylon. Hand sanitizer has additives that leave a residue that can cause buckles to slip. Really difficult to remove.

At this writing there is NO magic ‘sanitizer’ for harnesses other than the Hand Wash procedures outlined above, but, testing continues. Until then (hand) washing your harnesses now will be good preparation for later.

On that note- we are doing harness inspections. If your harness is older than 2 years (but still younger than 6) it should be inspected and re-certified by us. There is no charge (other than shipping). Please call us to discuss beforehand.

Thank you so very very much for your goodwill, your advice, your trust, and your business.


Todd Rentchler, President

Climbing Sutra