Two Wire Flying System

The double-click release system is an option available for our Swivel Harnesses. It provides a safe and fast means to get on and off of fly wires for live performance. This system is designed for suspension from TWO double-click releases (2 wires, one on each hip) at all times. Never use the harness connected to only one side. For quick connection for single wire flying see our Quad Release quick connect.
System consists of a male “head” attached to each fly wire and a
female “body” riveted to each hip point of the ultra swivel harness.
Minimum breaking strength (per single side): 4,000 lbs.
– Working load limit (per side): 400 lbs.
To connect the male cable ends simply insert into the female
swivel ends and push until they ‘click’ closed.
To open the connections squeeze both release tabs at the same
time and ‘pull’ the males from the female housings.
NOTE: The double-click releases are designed to resist opening
under body weight! You must unweight the harness before
releasing the mechanisms.

Product Description

The ultimate stunt harness is here!

We have taken state of the art materials and created a jerk vest that is lower profile, light, stronger, more flexible and resists riding up. Our Spectra-Titanium stunt vest is made with 3 layers of uncoated spectra fabric and 6,000 lb. tensile spectra webbing. Spectra is one of the world’s strongest fibers and is almost twice the strength of nylon. To minimize buckle lumps we have used titanium to invent the world’s lowest profile rated buckles. Our Spectra-Titanium stunt vests have 1-3/4″ padded leg straps – the leg pads are sewn in making a lower profile pad. Over 50 pick points – ultimate load test of 6,000 lbs.