Theater harnesses and Stunt harnesses- what is the difference?

Ten to twenty years ago there was a well-defined difference, but with the many current innovators in live theater like Tait Towers and Cirque du Soleil

Flying harnesses from all over the theater/stunt spectrum are now just called Theater harnesses/ Stunt harnesses / or Performer flying harnesses interchangeably.

We build all types of harness designs you will find on these pages plus custom harnesses for live productions and stunts (over 150 custom patterns for Cirque du Soleil alone).

The original Climbing Sutra Ultra Swivel harness was developed for Stunt Coordinator Jack Gill on the film ‘The Cat in the Hat’ in 2003. Now it is probably the single most popular Theater harness

In the world used for classic productions of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins,  Little Mermaid all the way up to and including the Pink Tour.

Is the Ultra Swivel the most versatile two-point THEATER or STUNT harness ever made?

Side load suspension test for the original Ultra Swivel Harness 21 years ago…