Climbing Sutra stunt vests and harnesses are designed to be state-of-the-art, low profile body harnesses for the performance of stunts and flying effects. Standard designs include the: Spectra Titanium Stunt Vest; Nylon 50 Pick Stunt Vest; Spectra Titanium Shorts; Spectra Corset Harness; Ultra Swivel Harness; Flying Floss Harness; Martial Arts Harness (aka Hong Kong Harness); Universal Positioning Belt/Harness; Twisting Ring with Harness; and Convertible Cartwheel Harness.

All of our stunt harness designs have a minimum ultimate breaking strength of 4,000 lbs. using a shackle of .25” stock diameter or greater. This is the minimum BREAKING STRENGTH for any connection point on our harnesses except the Ultra Swivel. The WORKING LOAD LIMIT for any individual connection point should not exceed 1,000 lbs. of force. Our Ultra Swivel harnesses have an ultimate breaking strength of 3,300 lbs. for each side swivel. Ultra Swivel harnesses are designed to be anchored to BOTH SIDE SWIVELS AT ALL TIMES.

The user must take wear and tear into account when using these harnesses. All harnesses wear out! Repeated use of the connection points will cause breakdown of nylon or spectra fibers and lead to weakening and eventual failure of the connection point. The user is solely responsible for monitoring the use, history, and condition of these harnesses. Our harnesses are certified for two years of normal use. After two years, harnesses should be returned to us for inspection; recertification and/or repair or replacement.

Climbing Sutra custom buckles are used on Spectra vests, corsets, flying floss harnesses, swing pole harnesses, and martial arts harnesses. All sizes of this buckle have a minimum loop breaking strength of 4,000 lbs. Climbing Sutra custom buckles have the highest release angle of any commercial “cinch-style” buckle, making them impossible to release accidently when properly threaded and worn snugly.

Retire Harness From Service:

  • When any part of the harness becomes worn, cut, or damaged (when evaluating wear, use the 10% rule – when 10% of the fiber on any attachment points or buckle straps is lost due to cutting or abrasion, the harness should be retired or sent to Climbing Sutra for inspection);
  • When the harness has been exposed to heat in excess of 200° F;
  • When it has been exposed to harmful chemicals;
  • When two years have passed since the manufacture date of the harness; or when any part of the harness has received a shock-load in excess of 1,000 lbs.


Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and hang dry. Avoid exposure to the sun. NEVER use a washing machine or dryer. If the harness is really dirty, wash by hand with cool fresh water and a small amount of IVORY SNOW Soap; WOOLITE; or SEVENTH GENERATION Dish Liquid. Rinse well, and hang in a cool, dry place. In the event of exposure to salt water or swimming pool water, rinsing the harness afterwards with fresh tap water will prolong the life of the harness.