Climbing Sutra

Serving the theater and stunt community for over 30 years with the worlds safest and most comfortable performer flying harnesses. See product pages for Climbing Sutra testing standards and third party certifications.

Thank You

We are extremely grateful to you, our customers and friends in the entertainment industry.

Climbing Sutra started out sewing custom packs and harnesses for climbers, then evolved as stage riggers, circus artists, and stunt people came knocking on the door. What started in a garage 30 years ago, now continues to flourish in our 8,000 square foot factory in North Las Vegas.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, please feel free to come visit us.


Climbing Sutra


2941 Brookspark Dr.
North Las Vegas Nv. 89030


Stunt Vest
Starting at $725

Martial Arts Harness (Hong Kong)


spectra lite corset harness

Stunt Corset Harness
Starting at $545

Ultra Swivel Harness

Climbing Sutra’s certified inspectors in the UK are Paul Bickers and Robin Earle, and in Germany we have James Bomalick

James Bomalick



Waldmeister Str. 5a

14193 Berlin



Extreme Rigging Ltd

Robin Earle

Unit 6A, Lodgeway
Severn Bridge Industrial Estate
Caldicot NP26 5PS




Use of these products can result in serious injury or death.  Products for stunt use by trained stunt professionals only.  All stunts and flying effects are dangerous! You are responsible for seeking proper training in the use of these products.  You assume all risk for any injury or damage sustained while using this products.  Do not alter this equipment.



We welcome your suggestions and we will customize any design or create a new one to fill your needs. All of our “standard” products were originally custom orders developed for a client just like you.

NOT for public use.  NOT for medical use.  NOT for recreational use.  PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!