Wall Walker Flying Harness

$795, waist harness with shoulder and torso straps

$475, waist harness only

Standard Sizes: X-Small through XX-Large

Color: Tan or Black

Custom sizes and colors available

  • Minimum Breaking Strength 4945 lbs (22kN)
  • Working Load Limit 337 lbs. (153kg)

Product Description

Climbing Style Modular harness for aerial performers

This harness picks from the front waist, and allows upright, horizontal or inverted body positioning. Anchors to the front steel “O” ring. Makes a comfortable rappelling harness. Modular three-piece design (leg straps, waist band, shoulder straps). Often used without the shoulders like a climbing harness. Standard design allows the front “O” ring to slide side to side.  See the standard and watch the video of the Wall Walker Harness enduring a 4,050 lbs. (18kN) static load.