All of our stunt harness designs have a minimum ultimate breaking strength of 4,000 lbs. using a shackle of .25” stock diameter or greater. This is the minimum BREAKING STRENGTH for any connection point on our harnesses except the Ultra Swivel. The WORKING LOAD LIMIT for any individual connection point should not exceed 1,000 lbs. of force. Our Ultra Swivel harnesses have an ultimate breaking strength of 3,300 lbs. for each side swivel. Ultra Swivel harnesses are designed to be anchored to BOTH SIDE SWIVELS AT ALL TIMES.

DO NOT anchor a line, cable, or sling directly to the webbing on the harness. This could cause failure of the connection point or the sling. Always use an approved shackle or rated STEEL CONNECTOR of .25” stock diameter or greater to connect directly to the harness or to a dedicated sewn in connector such as the Quad Release connector(s) or an “O” ring or “D” ring.

DO NOT use the harness if it does not fit properly. Improper fitting can cause injury or death. The harness must fit snugly. Women should wear a women’s specific harness. All straps and buckles must be securely fastened with at least 4” of the strap end threaded through the buckles. If the harness is still loose after buckles are tightened, the harness is too big. The harness should never interfere with the user’s airway or restrict breathing.

DO NOT anchor to the buckle straps or leg straps of the harness. Anchor to the sewn connection points of the stunt vest body or to the steel “O” ring or “D” ring anchor points or quad release connector if they are provided or the swivel heads in the case of the swivel harnesses.

DO NOT expose harness to heat, chemicals, or paint. Paint used to color the harness should be approved by Climbing Sutra. Nylon and Spectra have very low melting temperatures. Protect from potential sources of heat!