Single Click Connectors

Single Click Female Quick Link, SCFQL-01 $500.00 a pair

Single Click Female Ultra Swivel, SCFUS-01 $625.00 a pair ($500 a pair when purchased with Ultra Swivel Harness)

Single Click Male, SCM-01 $250.00 a pair

Minimum breaking strength (for one side) male/female combination: 4,000lbs

Working load limit(for one side): 400lbs

Climbing Sutra’s Two Wire Flying System provides a safe and fast means to get on and off of fly wires for live performance. Standard configuration consists of a male “head” and a female “body” attached to each hip point of a harness. This system is designed for suspension from TWO Single Click connectors (2 wires, one on each hip) at all times. Never use the harness connected to only one side! For single wire flying see our Quad Release connectors.